Elite Squad – Film Review


This movie is amazing. I had seen it before but I had forgotten how good it was. Obviously it helps that it is about home. And it’s about how no one is faultless. This shit we’re all in, it’s everyone’s fault. It really puts things into persperctive everytime I watch it.

Elite Squad is a Brazilian movie about the special police force that takes cares of the favelas. These men are specifically trained to go up the slums and aprehend guns, drugs and generally free them of crime. However, it’s more complicated than that.

The film shows that drug traficking is everyone’s fault; the rich people who buy weed, the police officers who trade guns, the children who sell it because they have no other choice, the people who live in the favelas – who are mostly honest but do not speak up to the drug lords for fear of death or worse – the politicians and the system that accommodates corruption.

Definitely recommended.

In other news I should really do some revision…


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