After waking up at 4am to catch the London train, being in the tube when the Picadilly line got cancelled, having to carry two extremely heavy bags up two flights of stairs – stupid amount of shoes… – and finally having to pay 18 extra pounds to get the Heathrow Express in Paddington… I got on a plane to Rio de Janeiro.

Alas, I’ve defeated my bad luck and finally arrived home! You never really appreciate home until you spend a long time away. Silly things, like staying in on a weekday, feel so amazing all of the sudden.

I have two homes. One of them is Sheffield and the other one is Rio de Janeiro. I love them both in different ways and I miss them both when I am away. it’s the strangest feeling to be home and be away from home at the same time.

Although, to be completely honest, I have outgrown my little university accommodation room. I was starting to feel claustrophobic and like it was all the same – I need change and bang once in a while. I don’t like sameness, at all. It drives me a bit insane.

So here I am, back home. Let’s see what Rio brings me this time.

On a side note; World Cup – what is going on? Brazil played horribly and Spain lost to SWITZERLAND! Gosh.

Listening to: Hey Daddy – Usher


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