Ten things I forgot about home…

– counting down from ten…

10) Football is a massive deal here and in consequence of this I will cry if Brazil does not go on to win the World Cup.
9)Crossing the road to get to my apartment building is an almost suicidal mission. There isn’t a pedestrian path and I am in mortal danger at least once a day.
8) The sun is massively bright and I was nearly blinded the first time I saw its full rage since I’ve been back. It shines everywhere and it’s only sort of cold during the night and even then I don’t feel the need to carry any winter clothes with me.
7) I love love all of my friends and they are amazing. We can jump right onto where we left off and have the best time together. A lot of things annoy me about them but the fact I can (mostly) overlook these things proves how strong my friendships are.
6) Having an actual TV and a living room is awesome. For watching movies, football or socializing. I love it.
5) My family has fights. I forget tensions happen at home as well as in uni – I think by the end of summer I’ll be under the illusion nothing bad happens at uni.
4) My dog is the most adorable creature in the planet. Actually, maybe this pair beats my dog but otherwise she’s my number 1 cheerer-upper.
3) Brazilians love Michael Jackson. And I mean really, really, really love him. It’s been one year he died and at least 5 Brazilian TV channels have had programmes and documentaries showing this whole week about the King of Pop
2) Home can be very boring… But tediousness has only hit me today, about two and a half weeks after I got here. Not bad, uni was boring me a lot more often these last few days.
1) How lovely and terrible it is to have nothing to do with your life for three months. I want to get a job but I want to sleep til late – hire me as a professional sleeper, please?

much loveee. x


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