The Carrysbrook Fox

Why revise when you can film a fox?

By Nicole Hernandez Froio
Published: 31/01/2010

In the woods next to Carrysbrook Court lives a fox. The residents had glimpsed it at all times of day but the fox never lingered, it always ran as fast as it could. One of the residents of Carrysbrook Court was quite amazed; never had he seen such a creature for he was from a faraway land.

The foreigner wanted to meet the fox so his neighbours decided to help, even tough they had other important things to attend to. They left some food next to the woods and waited for the fox.

This is what my flatmates have been doing instead of revising for their exams and writing essays. Exams seem so far away when you go home for Christmas break.  And then, when you come back to your humble student flats it hits you: you have done no revision whatsoever for the exams in the coming weeks. So any sensible, good student would immediately start revising obsessively, right?

Procrastination is an art largely mastered by students. There is always something else to do to avoid revising. I had delayed unpacking for three days since I had arrived at university. Then I decided to revise. Two hours later, not only was everything unpacked and in its place, but also my room was as tidy as it had ever been.

It is completely understandable. From the moment we sit down and open our books we will realize how truly and deeply in trouble we are and how much we should have read during the past term. So we find ways to delay it.

If you are about to start revising and you go on Facebook, just to “check it”, prepare to be logged on for the next couple of hours. Sharing what you are doing instead of revising has become the main activity. This includes commenting on your course mates’ statuses and confirming that all of them are procrastinating as much as you are. And it somehow makes you feel better.

In the end you take breaks from having fun instead of taking breaks from studying. But it’ll be okay, at least for us freshers who only need 40% to pass each module. We have learned our lesson; we should have read the recommended books during term and we should have revised during Christmas break because revising in halls is virtually impossible. Too many distractions; internet, wild animals, your flatmates.

Oh, and the fox? When it eventually came out to eat the food they filmed it and put the video on YouTube. And my Spanish flatmate finally saw a fox up close.

Originally published HERE.


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