Welcome to my new complicated blog.

It’s alright, I’ll probably need to explain this to myself in the morning. I had been using Tumblr to blog lately but I have found it to be a little bit too small for my ideas. I will keep my Tumblr but under a different web address, to do silly reblogs which it seems to be what it is for anyway. This blog I will use for actual texts that I write and want to make public.

I have transfered all my Tumblr posts to WordPress – there weren’t many, to be fair – and now will start bloggin over here. I have three tabs up there ^^^ as you can see, that will categorize my last post about whatever tag you click.

For example, if you click on MOVIES. now, you will read a piece about Sex and the City 2 I wrote about a month ago. Whenever I have a new review I will replace whatever is already on that page for the newest entry.

COMPLICATED I know, but that’s how I’m going to do it, so get over it.

If still want to keep up with my silly blogging, follow me on tumblr; http://www.partywithmetonight.tumblr.com

More to come! x


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