Discovering Rio de Janeiro.

The National History Museum of Rio de Janeiro is widely used as an event venue. The last time I had walked in the place I was wearing my black strapless dress, holding a clutch and trying not to trip over my heels. This time, however, I wanted to actually see what was on display.

The museum was already being prepared for an event that would take place later that day, builders were making some sort of stage in the centre on the main lounge. I went upstairs, where the exhibitions were.

To be fair, I’ve seen better museums. It’s short on items to display – it does have an amazing coin collection, I suppose, but I don’t find that extremely amazing…

The only thing I found extremely amazing was the exhibition “Do móvel ao automóvel” which was basically carriages from the Brazilian colonial time. But my amazement wasn’t the crafty decoration on the carriages or even that people actually went places on these massive things. Here’s a picture of me standing next to one of the carriages’ wheels:


Can you believe it’s my size? Am I ridiculously small or is that wheel freakin’ massive?!

What I really enjoyed was the architecture of the place, which I tried taking a picture of with my little camera:

Museu Histórico Nacional

This patio is really simple, yet I found it really beautiful and calming. Cariocas aren’t used to randomly walking into museums, so it was really silent.

I recommend this museum if you like colonial history, otherwise, maybe try Ipanema beach.

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