LibDem Conference? Look at those hipsters.

If you’re wanting a serious coverage of the Liberal Democrats Conference in Sheffield, I suggest you go to or follow Mikey Smith‘s tweets on the Sheffield Politics’ twitter account.

Wow, that was a lot of linking!

Anyway, I didn’t arrive to see the beginning of the protest or the arrest of a random protester who jumped over the barrier – video by ForgeTV here –  but I did take some interesting pictures. Not really news worthy so I figured I’d post them here.

This is Sheffield City Centre today. I was told there were around 5,000 people there earlier, but when I got there this was what was left. Loads of people who were part of the conference were just hanging out on the steps of Sheffield City Hall, behind the steel fence to prevent violent protesters.

By the time I got there, it just looked like a street party that had died down – there were some teenegers banging on the barriers but I guess I missed out on the main action.

Here are some hipsters asking people to protest by dancing to their reggae music. Around ten people were actually doing it, including two guys wearing Nick Clegg and David Cameron face masks. I wish they were the real thing.

And guess what? The city’s own Jack Sparrow made an appearance – mind you, I had no idea pirates cared about politics or budget cuts. Surely they’d just loot and steal regardless?

There he is, the surprisingly political Jack Sparrow, speaking to a fan. He was also dancing as a way of protest.

The next picture is one that makes me pity Nick Clegg a little bit. You are the most hated man in the country, Mr. Clegg, and I am sorry to report that your character has caused some one to design the following protest sign:

Some one must have had fun making this, I know I couldn’t stop laughing as soon as I saw it. Poor Clegg.

As I was leaving the protest area, I heard some one sing about freedom. Libyan protesters were attempting to hijack the whole thing – it’s alright though, I sympathize with their cause. However it doesn’t make it any less awkward to go from dancing hipsters to a choir of people asking for their country’s freedom. It was actually somewhat depressing.

“We want freedom”

The amount of policemen just hanging around waiting for something to happen was crazy. They didn’t seem as excited by the ice cream truck that emerged like I was though.

Caught you yawning, ey? It’s alright, the protest wasn’t that exciting overall.

Sorry about that last one being so small. I could crop it and make the yawning policeman more visible, I suppose, but I have work to do so you’re all going to have to accept it like it is.

Anyway, that was my day. I ended up buying £8 worth of magazines and £6 worth of books when I went into town to buy a new dress. Once a geek always a geek, I suppose.

Oh, also read my article on the Tunisian uprisings for the University of Sheffield’s Student Politics E-zine Canvas. It doesn’t have my name on the entry – which I suspect is because I missed my deadline several times – but I did write it and I can prove it!

See you next time.

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