Summer aims.

Summer is always that time when you mean to do loads of projects but just end up sleeping till 12 (or later) and watching TV all day. But I have decided to fight this and actually set myself some lovely goals. It will be difficult but who cares? If I get through most of them I’ll be happy.

1. Make a start as a freelance journalist
2. Ace my Reuters interview
3. Write in my blog at least once a week
4. Take a photography course
5. Learn shorthand (at last)
6. Apply for work  experience for next year (Exposed and The Star)
7. Find stories to pitch
8. Wake up before 10.30AM every day
9. Come up with FOIs to send
10. Get a job writing

I’ll cross them out if I ever get them done and keep you posted in future posts… Definitely worried about numbers 2 and 8.



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