I have failed – but succeeded!

I haven’t written in my blog as much as I should this summer, which is a shame. I blogged about a month ago but I didn’t really like the result so I deleted the post ( I am officially that kind of blogger) so I have hypothetically failed at one of my Summer Aims. Oh and of course I haven’t been waking up at ten every morning like I wanted to – and I have NOT learned shorthand. At all.

Anyway, this is a short post to let you know of the stuff I have done but weren’t on the list. Here are some links for you.

My Independent Blog
And I’ve been writing for Electric City UK about pop music – which I love.
I’ve been also compulsively updating my LinkedIn profile, so check that out if you would like me to (potentially) write for you.

Anyway, I hope to write some stuff here soon, it’s just so hard to get motivated during summer…



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