Lack of inspiration

This is what I've been doing and what's on my mind.

So I’ve hit a wall. I’ve been blogging for the Independent quite consistently and this week I have found absolutely nothing to write about. Naturally, I checked everywhere for inspiration, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Brazilian newspapers, English newspapers, American newspapers… nothing. How very disappointing.

Let me explain. I like to write about things that I actually know something about, or that I have a pretty strong opinion about, or that are potentially new to the person who will read it. I am really against repeating opinions and analyzing things I really don’t have enough experience to analyze, so I’m coming up short at my meek 20 years of age and roughly 3 years of journalism experience.

Pause. Oh look at that, I just had an idea. Can you believe that? I am possibly the most ridiculous human being on the blogosphere, but I hope you enjoy me.

I have absolutely nothing of interest to tell you with this post, but I would love, love to hear/read what you guys do when you lack inspiration?



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