Political humour exhibition

I promised this post ages ago, and since I’m supposed to be writing about something else, here I am! Ah, well. This will be pretty quick to write though because it’s mostly picture led and I’ve only chosen a few that I took. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to write down who they were by but I’ll write a list of all the participant artists at the end.

Political humour is significant in any democracy with a considerable amount of freedom of press. Brazil has gone through a period where that wasn’t the case and this exhibition showed caricatures and comics from just after imperial times so it was really interesting to see what transformations our politics and our people have gone through.

Caption reads: The triumphant car of national progress.

Although it turns out not that many changes happened; our politicians have always been corrupt and our people still have a massive class difference driving them apart. The image above is one of the earliest comics exhibited, showing how slow on progress our government is (despite the word progress actually being on our flag).

The trophy reads: “Award for the best costume”

This one might not seem political at first but carnival isn’t just a party; it’s also a contest between samba schools. They prepare the whole year long to win the competition, the whole thing is almost a mafia, and this is a really good social commentary on who usually wins.

Top: Carnival is a democratic party! Bottom: “Well, Maria, now the party is over so you can go back to being a maid and I’ll go back to being a madam”

This one is probably my favorite. The class division in Brazil is massive but there are two occasions all that it goes out the window; carnival and the world cup. Too bad it’s only pretend though.

Pretty self-explanatory, I should think.

I’ve been asked for bribes in Rio before and corruption stories are barely even news anymore, so I think most Brazilians can relate to this cartoon.

“Public Education”

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post, sorry if it was a bit rushed but I should really get on with my day. You guys should check out these cartoons as well, they won places at the exhibition after participating in a massive contest and there’s a great one of Amy Winehouse (less funny now she died but it’s a pretty impressive image). Also, here’s the official page for the exhibition.

See you next time!

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