Two and a Half Men: Kutcher has made the series worth watching

Charlie Sheen with his cast mates before he had tiger blood transfusion.

Two and a Half Men completely fell apart since we found out Charlie Sheen is a freaking rock star from Mars and I just didn’t think it could make any sort of an acceptable comeback. But it actually did; I’m eating my words and following @aplusk on Twitter once again.

The episode began rather awkwardly with Charlie Harper’s funeral, filled with his ex-one night stands who actually just showed up to spit on his corpse. I guess they had to get rid of Charlie Sheen’s character in some final way, but I just thought it was really uncomfortable. On Gawker, people seemed to think it was borderline offensive but Charlie Sheen isn’t actually dead and there’s no actual corpse to offend so it was just a very clumsy beginning.

But there came Ashton Kutcher and I unexpectedly laughed out loud when he appeared outside Charlie Harper’s house after trying to kill himself in the ocean because of unreturned love, causing the actual Chalie’s ashes to be spilled all over the living room. Then, out of nowhere, Kutcher was naked and the rest of the episode was jokes about how big his penis was.

Let’s be completely honest: this show is not groundbreaking stuff, it has always been somewhat mediocre and the characters have always been disgustingly selfish for me to ever care about. It was good background noise, I suppose.

But something strange happened when I watched Two and a Half Men last night. I was actually entertained. Ashton Kutcher was good. Ashton Kutcher saved the show.

How could you, Ashton?! Now I have to watch half an hour of Jon Cryer just to hear your voice!

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