Review: Lulu


First I was appalled. No human being deserves to be treated as an object and publicly rated for their worth as a date, partner and/or hook up. After reading countless rants with the usual argument of ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ and how this wasn’t a good move for feminism I decided to take my own conclusions and review the app myself.

This is how it works: all reviews are anonymous. The only thing other people will know about you is your level of intimacy with the boy being reviewed. He can be your crush, ex-boyfriend, former hook up, boyfriend or friend. Your questions will be based on your relationship to the boy.

And as expected the questions are pretty dumb, unrealistic and out of touch. It seems like the developers of this app objectified the users as well as the men being reviewed: what do girls want? Obviously they all want a wealthy, well-dressed, always-picks-up-the-tab, beautiful man. So they based their questions on this rather limited definition of women’s wishes.

Some examples of the questions:

What does he do on the internet? A) Pornography B) Look at Tiffany’s engagement rings.

When he makes jokes I… A) Feel sad for him B) Practice my acting: Ha Ha C) Chuckle D) Can’t stop laughing! E) Wonder if I should date him

Eeesh. Well, at least it’s not just a flat one to ten hotness rating à la Zuckeberg.

Lulu assumes that men themselves fit into boxes. He can be funny or not funny – he can’t be funny just sometimes. He can be fit and beautiful or ugly, there’s no space for any other kind of attractiveness except the conventional kind.

My verdict? It’s an app that will be made fun of for a while. Then people will get bored and stop using it. Simple as.

However I think this app raises pertinent questions about the sexist world we live today. It’s pretty clear to me that men being objectified can be an eye-opener for them. Maybe they can put themselves in the shoes of women and see how bad it feels.

One thing that annoys me about the men’s reaction to this and other objectification of males is the amount of coverage it gets though. I’ll give you an example.

A few years ago, here in Brazil, there was a commercial that depicted fat, hairy men as disgusting. Guess what: loads of fat, hairy men had a good ol’ cry about it, as if that was the worst thing in the whole world.

Aw, boo-hoo!

Try centuries of sexual objectification and repression. And when women complain about it we are called man-haters and killjoys. Yet, this stuff is given more attention to.

We can compare this ‘hairy’ commercial with a yogurt advert that went on Brazilian television last summer. It had a skinny woman fretting at the camera, and a voice asking “Are you ready for the summer?” The girl looks depressed and shakes her head – but don’t worry! This yogurt will help you lose weight or something.

I don’t know if anyone complained about it. There were no controversies. Nothing to see here! Just the usual objectification and misogyny brainwashing of women for the sake of capitalism.

My point is that even though men are completely right in complaining about Lulu there are instances where women are objectified that go completely unnoticed because it’s so normalized. And feminists like me have to point it out.

But then, we hate all men, amirite? I have no sense of humour.

I think one of my Facebook friends summed it up well on one of her statuses: “Is there anyone already saying that if men didn’t want to be badly reviewed they shouldn’t have sex with someone they don’t trust or this kind of idiotic excuse only comes up when naked videos of women leaks on the internet?”

Men: always the victims.

Women: always the guilty ones.

Lulu is not good for anyone. Neither gender should be objectified. So all of us should stop.


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