Two deaths and significant damage in World Cup stadium

Stadium is meant to be completely renovated by Fabruary 2015.
Stadium is meant to be completely renovated by February 2015.

Estadão newspaper is reporting there was an accident in Itaquerão stadium, Itaquera, São Paulo this morning. Three corpses were found in the debris. Itaqueirão is one of the stadiums being built to be used in the 2014 World Cup.

The accident happened when the last piece to complete the South sector was being placed.

Major Mauro Lopes told Record TV: “According to Copom, three people were found dead.”

Firemen are still searching for more victims.

More information to come. It remains to be seen what will happen in regards to next year’s World Cup, as this places doubts on the safety of Brazilian stadiums.

Corinthians fans offer condolences to families of victims.

(Our condolences to the families of the victims of the tragedy in Itaqueirão)

Accident raises questions about Brazil’s readiness to host the World Cup.

Fifa won’t make a statement about the accident because the renovation is Odebretch’s responsibility.

Corinthians FC however have expressed condolences.

Photo of accident:

Renovation architect says damage is minimum.

André Sanchez (ex Corinthians president) and security attack FOLHA reporter, taking his cell phone.

Buzzfeed and Associated Press report the accident.

More photos in Folha’s photo gallery here.

More on attacked reporter. He was forced to delete photos.

Romário tweets the accident is ‘very sad’

Folha reports building of stadium was 94% done.

Romário: Stadium should be delivered to Fifa in December because it will host first World Cup match.

According to Folha, the floor the crane was standing on yielded. Crane was biggest in the country.

Company is also responsible for Rio de Janeiro’s international airport.

Confirmation that TWO PEOPLE have died, not three or four.

Building works will be stopped until further notice.

Fifa says they hold no responsibility for the accident. Ronaldo and Joseph Blatter are sorry for the accident.

Estadão says Public Ministry’s report on the stadium had highlighted 50 irregularities in the building works.

Ex Corinthians president says Folha reporter invaded area and denies any physical assault.

Works will be stopped for three days while 30% of the stadium is cordoned off for investigation.

One of the deceased was a father of three.

Many people on Twitter blaming Fifa’s pressing deadlines to have the stadium ready.

Odebretch assures journalists the structure of the stadium has not been compromised.

Witness tells ESPN the crate driver jumped off the vehicle to survive. He lived.

São Paulo mayor Haddad is in Paris and laments the accident.

Reports that builders are in shock.

Bizarre and sad news that two-time Brazilian World Cup champion has passed away.

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