Different Types Of Engine Rebuilding Degrees

Is overhauling an engine good?

What is an engine overhaul?

Just to add to the answers so far that mention that “overhaul” isn’t such a common term anymore.

‘Way back when the useful life of a car was usually seen as being limited to 100,000 miles, that delineation was kind of odd when you think about the amount of metal that was put into a car’s body and chassis back then, but the really important components all tended to wear out about that time. At the heart of the car’s engine was the interface between the pistons and the piston walls, the rings. That’s why the single most telling diagnostic that could be done on pre-electronics cars was a compression test. It’s also why so many snake-oil patent-medicine elixirs were sold at auto-parts stores that were “guaranteed to restore compression.” And some of them could, too….for the time it took to run a compression test.

But also deep in the engine were things like the babbitt bearings and a few other consumables that could only be reached by taking the engine out and then completely apart. Almost every one of these items could have their lives extended by simply changing the oil regularly and often. Oil changes couldn’t grant immortality, any more than eating healthy does for a human, but they both could make the difference between dying at 100 versus dying at 65.


Engine rattling: Why did it happen after my oil change?

Admittedly, 230,000km is a high mileage for any car. It will not be long before an engine overhaul or some major work becomes necessary. Mileage aside, other signs that your car needs an engine overhaul include increased fuel consumption, bluish-white smoke from the exhaust and high engine oil consumption. The terms “top overhaul” and “de-carbonising” refer to refurbishing the cylinder head by cleaning away any carbon build-up.


Signs you need an Engine Overhaul

  • Too much smoke from tailpipes
  • Loss of Compression
  • Excessive Fuel Consumption
  • Knocking sound
  • Loss of Engine Power
  • Vehicle Producing oil patches

If you notice any of these signs, it is wise to do an engine rebuild as soon as possible. Catching these issues early will be key in increasing your vehicle’s lifespan and in keeping your vehicle running efficiently for a long time.


Reasons you would need an engine overhaul?

Having your engine overhauled does not have to be a major expense or inconvenience. There are two main reasons why you would choose an overhaul over any other option. If there is any sign of wear to the engine bearings, it is usually best to have an overhaul done. This is also recommended if you have piston rings that are poorly seated. The moving parts of an engine are mounted on bearings, which allow them to move freely as they are lubricated by engine oil. The bearings are built to last over thousands of miles, but eventually they will start to wear down. The wear is accelerated when a vehicle is poorly maintained and running low on oil levels. Worn bearings will start to produce a loud knocking noise and will eventually cause the engine to fail. Piston rings can also cause issues to your engine if they are not properly maintained. They seal in the expanding cases that are created when the gasoline burns within the engine. As they wear, they no longer can seal the cylinders properly. When this occurs, the crankcase oil escapes past the worn rings and is burned with the fuel mixture that is in the cylinder. This is typically why older engines have an excessive amount of smoke in the vehicle’s exhaust. With all the issues that can happen with your engine, it is wise to always make sure to go to scheduled maintenance tune-ups so your vehicle is running as good as possible.


Benefits of an engine overhaul

An engine overhaul is an excellent option for engines that aren’t old or excessively worn but are still experiencing issues. In many cases, an engine overhaul can effectively fix any issues with your engine and save you a significant amount of money over having your engine replaced completely. Since all of your parts and components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected during an engine overhaul, your mechanic will be able to spot minor issues that you might not have even noticed yet. The thorough cleaning of the engine gets it into the best condition possible for peak performance and efficiency.

You can also choose to have your engine rebuilt to add new features or upgrade it. Lots of people choose to rebuild their engines on a routine basis every few years to improve their speed, performance, efficiency and power. Regardless of why you want your engine rebuilt, it’s important that you find a mechanic who specializes in diesel engine repair in Corpus Christi, TX to handle the job. An experienced professional will be able to figure out what’s going on with your engine and address issues during a rebuild.